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7solutions India provides fast, professional & cost-effective structural outsourcing services for offshore engineering client, entrepreneurs, and businesses across the U.S.A, Australia, Canada, UK & around the world. Our expert staff is standing by to assist you.

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Architectural Designs Services

Outsourcing Architectural Designs Services, AutoCAD Architectural Designs Services

7Solutions India is an India based architectural designs services company, provides architectural designs services to US, UK, Canada, Australia and global clients. We provides architectural designs services like architectural home plans, building and structural designs, architectural drafting, architectural drawings, lighting plans, layering elevation and sections, architectural home plan designs, architectural rendering and 3d modeling etc. We believe in partnering with worldwide clients to provide sound and cost effective architectural designs services that help increase their profitability. Outsource your commercial architects designs and residential architectural designs projects to us for time-bound and quality support.

Our architectural engineering designers are quite efficient to provide you quality architectural designs services in different to the size, no matter it is big building, small house, malls, industrial, residential or any type of AutoCAD drawings. They are not only skilled in manual drawings but also to use latest AutoCAD techniques that helps them to significantly increase the speed, simplicity and effectiveness with which architectural designs can be drafted and edited.

Our Architectural Designs Services include:

  • Commercial Architectural Designs Services
    7Solution India is made especially to undertake architectural designs services work for corporate clients including banks, retail establishments, offices and corporate.

  • Residential and Domestic Architectural Designs Services:
    7Solution India designs of new housing development, individual houses as well as designing and managing alterations and extension projects. It helps you to develop the new housing colonies as well as in individual houses also.

  • Space Planning:
    7Solutions India is one of the few architectural designs firms that give ideas on utilizing space efficiently and creatively. It guides you how every inch of the land can be used in a useful way and what kind of space you should select for your purpose. The space planning is quite necessary before implementing any other plan because the selection of proper space and its plan completes half of the work.

  • Area and Volume Calculations:
    Room and Area table with volumes calculated and tabulated useful for analysis of hvac also designed by architectural design services.

Click HERE to send us your hand drawn of any type of input format drawings and we will redesign them according to your requirements using our excellent manual skill as well as high-end advance AutoCAD Software.

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Structural Outsourcing Services 7Solutions India is one of the leading structural detailing drawings & design companies having expertise in steel detailing, precast detailing, rebar detailing and shop drawings.
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