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7Solutions India is a leading provider of precast embedment plans detailing services company. We have skilled and experienced precast detailers who produce a fast, cost effective, accurate precast embedment plans detailing drawings for professional engineers, builders and construction Industry. We take pride in establishing a long term partnership with our worldwide clients by offering high quality precast embedment plans detailing and drawings that's on time and within budget.

An precast embedment plans for use in a structural panel production line wherein a slurry is transported on a moving carrier relative to a support frame, and chopped fibers are deposited upon the slurry, includes a first elongate shaft secured to the support frame and having a first plurality of axially spaced disks, a second elongate shaft secured to the support frame and having a second plurality of axially spaced disks, the first shaft being disposed relative to the second shaft so that the disks intermesh with each other. The intermeshing relationship enhances embedment of the fibers into the slurry and also prevents clogging of the device by prematurely set slurry particles.

The precast embedment plan indicates the location of anchor bolts, hold down stabs, target plates, custom or manufactured column bases and any other precast embedment. Because embedment are modeled last, after windows, doors, steel, layout, and point loads are all resolved, the embedment are located correctly. The design of flexible modular embedment systems is not as concerned with frost related issues as with rigid structures but erosion protection, local bearing capacity, and global stability issues must be evaluated for each design situation encountered.

The precast embedment plans secure the structure to prevent movement or to raise the structure if the foundation has shifted or sunk. The design engineer chooses the right anchor bolt system for the projects. Contact Us or Email: for your your precast embedment plans detailing projects. Our team of precast detailers can help you achieve your construction goals.

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