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Fatigue Analysis Services

7Solutions India is one of the leaders of providing Fatigue Analysis Services to worldwide clients at affordable rates. The firm is very familiar with the many and varied Fatigue Analysis projects. We have experienced and professional experts which can make fatigue analysis easily.

In material science, fatigue defines as a progressive and localized structural damage which occurs when a material is subjected to cyclic repeated loading and unloading. In general words, the nominal maximum stress values are less than the ultimate tensile stress limit, and may be below the yield stress limit of the material.

Fatigue analysis procedure in finite element analysis for the design of modern structures depends on techniques. In initial times, these techniques were relatively simple procedures but as and when time spent, it becomes more and more sophisticated. Finite Element Analysis is an effective tool for these cases.

Fatigue Analysis Techniques:

  • Load-Life
  • Stress-Life
  • BS 5400 (Eurocode 3)
  • Strain-Life
  • Crack Growth

Nowadays, variable stress responses can be dealt with. All of these techniques were developed outside of the Finite Element environment. However, they have now been implanted into many FE based analysis programs.

Common Features:

  • Constant amplitude test data
  • Rainflow
  • Linear damage

General Requirements of Fatigue Analysis:

  • Analysis should be carried out through an FEA method
  • The configuration changes should be minimum(preferably Nil)
  • The configuration changes should be confirmed with the client
  • Analysis reports should be generate time to time(periodically)
  • The analysis should be complete with taken into consideration all the factors such as color stress graphs, sketches, figures (in color where necessary) & assumptions/references. The report should be including complete input and detailed output
  • The information of the specific software should be provide which is being used for analysis

As mentioned above, fatigue is failure under a repeated or otherwise varying load which never reaches a level sufficient to cause failure in a single application. More than 100 years ago, there are some certain techniques of Fatigue Analysis from which the most acceptable and successful is the stress-life (or S-N method) which is commonly referred to as the total life method since it makes no difference between initiating and growing a crack. This method is the first fatigue analysis method to be developed

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