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Electrical Control Circuits Design

Outsourcing Electrical Control Circuits Design services

7Solution India produces high quality electrical control circuit for commercial and residential electrical development projects. Our expert’s designers and draftsman provides the best quality electrical control circuits drawings with high quality at an affordable price. Our drawings plans for a device assigns purposes to each of the more primitive components and explains how these components interact to achieve the desired behavior of the composite device. Our work encompasses everything from major renovations, new construction and tenant fit-out projects throughout U.S.A, UK, Australia, U.A.E, Canada and around the worlds.

There are several types of circuits, but all require the same basic components. A power source produces voltage or electrical potential. Conductors provide a path for current flow. Workings devices or load change the electrical energy into another form of energy to perform work. Control devices turn the current flow on and off. And protection devices interrupt the current path if too current flows. Too much current is called an overload, which could damage conductors and working devices. Our electrical engineers identifying source of voltage, protection device, load, control and ground for in any electrical control circuit. There are three basic types of circuits series, parallel and series-parallel. The type of circuit is determined by how the power source, conductor, loads and control or protective device are connected.

Types of electrical control circuits

Series Circuits key features

  • Current through each load resistance is the same
  • Total resistance in the circuit is the sum of load resistances
  • Total voltage drop equals the source voltage

Parallel Circuits key features

  • Voltage across each load resistance is the same
  • Current flow through each load will be different if the load resistances are different
  • Equivalent resistance of the circuit is less than the lowest load resistance
  • Total current in the circuit equal the sum of the branch currents

Series-parallel Circuit key features

  • Current in the series portion of the circuit equals the sum of brach currents
  • Circuits resistance is the sum of the parallel equivalent resistance and any series resistances
  • Voltage applied to the parallel branches is the source voltage minus any voltage drop across loads wired in series

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