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7solutions India provides fast, professional & cost-effective structural shop drawings services for engineering client, entrepreneurs, and businesses across the U.S.A, Australia, Canada, UK & around the world. Our expert staff is standing by to assist you.

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Mechanical Drafting Design Services

Outsourcing Mechanical Drafting Design Services

7Solutions India is a professional mechanical engineering company which specialized in providing cost effective, high precision mechanical engineering services. The Key to our success is enables us to meet the technological, economical, manpower and infrastructural requirements of the industry as well as adhere to client’s requirements. 7Solutions India is committed to giving you the best mechanical design and mechanical drafting results at very competitive prices.

We believe the clients have the best understanding of their own mechanical engineering services requirements and we focus our mechanical engineering expertise to provide solutions that meet those mechanical engineering needs through listening and communication. Here is the list of services we are offering into mechanical engineering:

  • Mechanical Drafting and Detailing
  • 3D Modeling
  • Reverse Engineering
  • FEA Design Service
  • Shop/Fabrication Drawings
  • Patent drawings
  • Product Designing and Development
  • Schematic heating and cooling system design
  • Heating and cooling equipment selection
  • Heat loss and/or gain calculations
  • Plant room layout design
  • Fire protection system design
  • Duct layout drawings

The 7Solutions India was established in 2007 and has continuously provided mechanical engineering services for numerous projects including industrial, commercial and institutional buildings. Contact us or send us email at if you have any query relate to mechanical engineering services.

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Structural Shop Drawings Services 7Solutions India is one of the leading structural detailing drawings & design companies having expertise in steel detailing, precast detailing, rebar detailing and shop drawings.
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