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Ventilation System Design Service

Outsourcing Ventilation System Design Services

Ventilation system in modern premises is a basis of optimum microclimate and a guarantee of good health of a man. Modern ventilation equipment allows solving the most complicated problems of maintenance of parameters of microclimate. Due to modern technologies, the climatic systems can handle the variety of harmful factors of environment: dust, exhaust and bacteria. The special demands are made to ventilation systems of modern buildings including the newest technologies in construction process, application of sealed windows, facade glass cover, reliable door systems which do not allow to use the old-fashioned methods of ventilation of premises. Lack of systems of ventilation in the premises, where the people work, leads to loss of capacity for work and to deceases.

In 7Solutions India you will find a full range of services related to solving the problems connected with the systems of the microclimate maintenance starting with the target setting and its technical solving to the assembly of ventilation systems.

Our ventilation system design services include:

  • Air cleaners and filters
  • Humidifiers / Dehumidifiers
  • Central Air Systems
  • Window / Rooftop Unit Systems
  • Ductless Split Systems
  • Kitchen Design and Layout
  • Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood
  • Overhead Units
  • Sheet Metal Ducts

Only through this comprehensive, custom approach to ventilation system design can you be assured of maintaining desired conditions in your buildings. We at 7Solutions India guarantees the performance of systems built and operated to our specifications. An understanding of the pattern of airflow is an important element in the design of ventilation systems. The airflows are caused by wind effect, stack effect and mechanical ventilation systems. Several models have been developed to analyze the airflow in buildings. So far, the focus has been on the modeling process. In this paper, the modeling and analysis of building ventilation systems using a system-theoretic procedure are presented. The emphasis is on presenting a theoretic derivation of nodal-governing equations for building airflow systems and obtaining efficient procedures for automatic formulation of the system equations. This approach is based on matrix algebra, therefore is easy to implement on a computer.

In the sphere of production the industrial ventilation is an integral part of engineering process. Maintenance of needed temperature and gas concentration in the production premises is a most complex task for climatic systems of a plant. Contact us or send email: to know more about our ventilation system design services.

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