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Structural Bar Joists Designs Drawings Services

Structural Bar Joists Designs, Steel Bar Joists Designs Drawings Services


7Solutions India is specialized in providing bar joists designs drawings services for bringing a revolution in the construction industry as per your country specific standards. A bar joist is a structural component used to frame floors or roofs. The bar joist consists of a pair of parallel chords connected by a series of intersecting supports known as "webs." Bar joists feature a similar design, drawings to trusses, including the same triangular web pattern, but are generally smaller and more lightweight than most trusses. The design of these steel bar joists helps distribute the weight of a floor or roof structure to the walls or foundations at either end of the joists. Our bar joists shop drawings designs team requires minimum inputs to produce dimensionally accurate structural steel bar joists designs drawings with as many layer as your require and in the format you want.

Our structural bar joists designs drawings includes:

  • Bar Joist Designs Drawings
  • Floor Joist Designs Drawings
  • Building Roof Trusses Designs Drawings
  • Joist Hangers Designs Drawings
  • Wood Joist Designs Drawings
  • Wood Beam Designs Drawings
  • Joist Beam Designs Drawings

Our structural bar joists designs drawings services for:

  • 2-3 Story homes, Apartments
  • Residential & Commercial buildings
  • Miscellaneous structures
  • Retail, Office, Industrial structures
  • Healthcare/Medical facilities
  • Bridge, Public civil structures
  • Stadiums/Convention centers, etc.

7Solutions India is a trusted choice of general contractors, fabricators and engineers to detail mid-to-large size steel structures for structural bar joists design drafting services. Our expert’s engineers having experience of working on various internationally recognized AISC, BS, CISC and SJI standards. Our structural engineers can deliver dimensionally accurate structural bar joists designs drawings on schedule. Contact us or Email: to outsource your structural bar joists designs drawings services requirements.

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