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Structural Connection Details, Structural Steel Connection Design Details

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7Solutions India was established on 2007 as a multi-disciplinary structural shop drawings services providing company to both public and private clients also having vast expertise in structural connection details, structural steel connection design services. The method of join the individual members of a structures to form a complete assembly. The connections furnish supporting reactions and transfer loads from one member to another. Loads are transferred by fasteners (rivets, bolts) or welding supplemented by suitable arrangements of plates, angles or other structural shapes. When the end of a member must be free to rotate, a pinned connection is used.

We provide cost effective, innovative structural connection design services using our strong technical and engineering capabilities using the latest structural steel connection design methodology. Our mission is to provide our worldwide customers with professional, detailed, good quality structural connection details, structural steel connection design drawings. 7Solutions India has experienced team of structural connection engineers and designers for your specific structural steelwork connection projects.

The majority of our structural steel connection work includes:

  • Partial or full structural surveys to assess and provide solutions to structural problems and defects on most types of buildings.
  • Conducting/supervising site investigations to determine ground conditions relating to new and existing buildings.
  • Structural condition reports on all types of buildings for conversion, alterations or change of use, including barns and former commercial and industrial buildings.
  • Design and detailing relating to domestic extensions and alterations including loft conversions.
  • Design and detailing of new build, extensions and alterations to commercial, educational, industrial, leisure and public sector buildings.
  • Design and detailing on buildings for conversion or change of use, including barns and former commercial and industrial buildings.
  • Design and detailing of retaining walls and other revetment systems.

Structural connection design can utilize generic components that are readily available or custom fittings developed with a specific structures in mind. During construction, these key points will be carefully inspected to confirm that they were installed correctly, using the right materials and techniques. Inspectors can also request materials testing and other measures to confirm that the structural connections will be safe. Identifying errors early helps people avoid costly retrofits and other expensive measures that might be needed to correct structural problems. If you are contemplating a structure that requires exacting standards and specialized expertise, Contact 7Solutions India Or Email: for your detailed drawings always accurate and on time.

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